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Lately I have been having issues with openremote and my dsc security. I am using envisalink and until my commands stopped working. When i view the server it tells me Envisalink invalid password. I checked the password and I kept it user for the time being. Nothing seems to work. I have communications and I know the password is correct. I also check the config file and it shows user. Can anyone help? The only thing I changed was updated my router to dd-wrt to get VPN access. I even reinstalled openremote pro and still the same problem.

Can anyone help?

Hi Devin,

please elaborate on

Nothing seems to work.

There must be parts which work. Anyway, giving some more specific information describing your problem would help. For example some logs where you found that

Envisalink invalid password.

Although, enviaslink can be well known to you, it tells me nothing. What is it? How do you communicate with it from Openremote? etc. The more info the better chance that somebody will help you. Also, User Forum would be better to post user questions.

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