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First of all, congratulation for your works.
I discovered OpenRemote a fex days ago and it seems that this great domo application will really help to improve the WAF of my home system

As a new user, I do some test with the composer part and I got some issues to save my works with chrome (works great with firefox).
Here are the steps :
Create 3 commands : status, on and off
Create 1 sensor
Create 1 switch

Then I go to UI Designer section

Create a new Panel call Panel1
Add a Background image on the Starting page

Save, all is OK

Then I juste add switch wigdet and save again ... not working, got the "Error 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details xx:xx" message.

Same thing on Firefox works great.

I hope it helps !



I am a new user just starting out with Open Remote as well.

I have created an account and followed the getting started instructions to create a new panel with a couple of buttons on it.

I get the same "Error 500 The call failed on the server ..." This happens with Chrome and IE 10 on Win7. I am unable to save any designs.

Why is the designer page say "demo" ie ? Is this because it is not the Pro version? What are the limitations of the demo?

Can someone help us get started please?


Posted by alleng at May 18, 2014 06:19

I installed openremote on my rpi and the error disappear...

Posted by yomgdf at May 26, 2014 00:35
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