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I have a problem when trying to test the User Interface on my android phone.

I have downloaded the OpenRemote on my phone then, then on the settings, i chose the controller which is http://localhost:8080/controller.

but it gives me an error " Can not get panel identity".

What is the problem, i have installed openRemote.

How do i solve this?

I'll appreciate your help.

Hi Sara,

The controller shouldn't be on a localhost (that would be your phone) but the controller URL should have the actual IP address of your controller, something like

Posted by juha at Nov 05, 2013 12:57

Thank you, it worked.

Posted by sara at Nov 07, 2013 19:15

If you have specified that you will use the Android panel, is it possible to test using the laptop / PC or do i need install anything on the PC to be able to test?

Posted by sara at Nov 07, 2013 19:28

You can use the webconsole at http://localhost:8080/webconsole to load an android panel, or any other panel design.

Posted by juha at Nov 07, 2013 22:52

Thank you.

Posted by sara at Nov 08, 2013 00:59
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