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I have a problem in android openremote tablet.
I create two icons for light_ON light_OFF, create two commands _ON _OFF, slider and switch and commands to get and set dimming value:

I'm using controller: (raspberry)
android: Airtab A8:3 with android 4.2.2 and openremote software ver. Android_Console_2_1_0_SNAPSHOT-2013-03-02.apk
webconsole: WebConsole_2_1_1.war
designer: Preview

As you can see on the video, in webconsole switch is switching correctly, but in android it does not switch image label.

Can you help me to solve this problem?
Does professional version has the same problem?
My designer login is: simonnet22

get_level.png (image/png)
light_OFF.png (image/png)
light_ON.png (image/png)
range_sensor.png (image/png)
set_level.png (image/png)
slider.png (image/png)
slider_designer.png (image/png)
switch.png (image/png)
switch_designer.png (image/png)

Finally I solved this problem

I've added additional command to get dimmer status indicated value 1 or 0 (.....service="urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1" variable="Status" value="0"/>)
and created sensor type switch (not range or level) - and image label switched )

I've tried adding sensor type custom with values "Name"1 - "Value" 100 and "Name"0 - "Value"0, but it does not work for me

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