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Dear all,

I'm new to OR, and I'm evaluating if using it for a new HA project. I extensively looked at the site and documentation, but I have found no answer to a fundamental question.

Does OR currently have any capability of Event management, Event Scheduling or Rule Management?

I need to implement an "intelligent" controller on my system and I need a device that given some external events (sensor triggering, time of the day, ecc...) executes a certain number of actions. I'm wondering if OR is suitable for purpose or can be easily modified to implement such a feature.



Hello Andrea,

Scheduling – there's no internal scheduler at the moment but it is possible to integrate an external scheduler (such as cron) to create invocations on the HTTP/REST API of the controller.

There's currently no integration interface yet for events generated by devices or sensors within the controller on the protocols we support. Sensor triggering would have to be implemented by external software.

In terms of implementation priorities, we should start looking at these requirements and focus on implementation by end of the year.

– Juha

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