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here is what I want to achieve: create remote control panel which will change dynamically depending on a system state. For example, two buttons - audio and video. When I press audio button then I want the panel to have all audio controls AND switch the audio system on. Vice versa with video button. I want also that panels change when I switch system through external remote or manually. So buttons need to have sensors (like Switch widget) and navigation (like Button widget). I'm stuck here as no single widget combines them (i.e. sensor+command+navigation), and I want to keep my UI as simple as possible, so no combining labels (as sensors) with buttons as command & navigation. Is it currently possible?


You can have a button that executes a command and also performs a navigation to switch to another panel.
It is currently not possible to have client navigation (panel switching) done by a sensor.

Posted by mredeker at Apr 14, 2013 20:47

By writing "it is currently not possible to have client navigation" can you estimate how hard would it be to code it? I.e. is it something that can be done quite easily or is it extremely hard because of the current software architecture? If first option is true then I would be eager to implement the change myself as this would enable me to create really cool remote which I haven't seen yet but wish to have

Posted by aktur at Apr 16, 2013 14:08

What client are you talking about (iOS, Android, Web)? Feel free to dig into this. I think Eric had some idead regarding this already.

Posted by mredeker at Apr 17, 2013 08:37

Actually I'm using all of them so at the end of day I would like to have it on all platforms. But to start it I would of course choose the one which is least complicated or indeed some ideas already present. Maybe Eric can put his ideas here so we have them in one place?

Posted by aktur at Apr 17, 2013 12:58

I'll research my notes and see what I can come up with. It's been a while since we looked at that topic.

Posted by ebariaux at Apr 18, 2013 10:35

This looks useful to me too. I am considering a combo of tablet + hard-button remote, and would like the tablet interface to come up in whatever state the system is already in (DVD, TiVo, etc).

Sorry if this is considered necro.

Posted by scottj97 at May 28, 2013 20:41

Sorry to carry out an old thread, but i have the same issue..

I am interested as well in triggering a navigation page with a sensor or a rule. Is there any progressing on this topic?

At the moment i get myself into OpenRemote <-> AMX Communication and in AMX i am used to trigger all Page Flips (Navigation) from the Controller. Would be nice to have someting simular in OpenRemote!

Kind Regards

Posted by stif at Oct 01, 2013 17:26
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