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I'm a new user to OR. I use it on a synology and plan to buy the eBox.

OR is controlling my KNX domotic.

I try to make a rule to save some sensor's value on a file. For example: exporting every 10 minutes, the temperatures, status lights,... on a CVS file located on the synology.

I read the book "How to smart home", but didn't find the solution.

Could you help me please?

Many thanks for your help,


It seems that you want do some database processing. Please check integration with EmonCMS or with RRD4J EmonCMS writes data to MySQL database (everything can be located on your Synology) from where getting CVS is as simple as database query.

Posted by aktur at Aug 03, 2014 23:10

Thank you very much! It works great.

It's more than I need but much better.

Many thanks

Posted by rauquier at Aug 12, 2014 11:35
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