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Hi all

I must be missing out on something, but I cannot get the Fibaro FGMS-001 to be working with OpenRemote I have been reviewing the instructions on, however, I'm already stuck in the very beginning:

I have an Aeon Labs ZStick, so I just use normal inclusion mode through the hardware button. The device is actually discovered, but in the designer it only shows 1 status command and 1 on-off sensor, this is clearly not what I'd expect. Upon looking at the forum post, I suppose I should find the following map: "<OpenRemote Controller>/webapps/controller/zwave". However, the zwave map does not exist under the controller map. So, I'm already stuck at that point.

Can someone help me out?

I'm using a Ubuntu machine as server, and have the professional Openremote.

Kind regards,


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