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I have Domoticz running which controls my lights. Since the user interface of Domoticz is fixed, I am creating the GUI in OpenRemote and control the lights by sending JSON commands to Domoticz. This works fine. I am having some trouble with checking the state of a light/switch. When a light is on Domoticz can return different values like ["Set Level: 46 %, Level: 46 %"] or ["On, Level: 100 \%"]. I created a custom sensor, but really do not want to enter all possible return values to translate it to On. Is there a way to use wild cards in the custom states or maybe a whole other solution?

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The custom sensor can only map states, it's up to the command and the JSON-Path entered there to return something which can be used in the sensor.
If you JSON-Path e.g. returns "yes" you can map that to "on" since our switch object only works with on or off.
If you want to use a slider for a dimmer you need a level sensor and your command needs to return 0 to 100.

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