This page last changed on Oct 04, 2013 by istian.

Is there someone who can tell me why I am getting this error when trying to
create a sensor with RRD4J?

If I remove the created sensor, then no error, so I am quite sure it is related to
the creation of the sensor.

You may be running an older version of controller that doesn't yet include RRD.

Posted by juha at Oct 04, 2013 00:07

It is most likely the controller version, as you already know the version of the controller I am running
is also giving me trouble in relations to scenes. Ref. to my other post about Synolog and scenes.

I need to get that controller updatet, but I have not figured out how to get that done on my Synology, yet.

Posted by istian at Oct 04, 2013 00:15
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