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Hi folks,

First an introduction of myself:
My name is Doug Slattery and I am a software professional with an electronics background. I'm comfortable in both Windows & Linux environments with high & low level dev experience on both platforms in multiple languages including C/C++, Assembly and Java. I've also got the front end experience in the Windows API, X-Windows and Web design. Not to mention multiple scripting languages.

I've thought about getting into home automation for some time now, and my wife is expanding her business and we've decided to throw automation into it, so here I am. I've been doing a bunch of reading over the past few days on different hardware & software products to the point where things are starting to mesh into a big blob of oatmeal in my head.

Ok, so the goal for my wife's business benefited by some home prototyping will be to have multi-room climate control, lighting control, audio/video including text to speech + voice recognition. Throw in some security with electronic deadbolts, video surveillance, remote monitoring/alerting. ... and probably some things that would be cool to throw in along the way.

A tall order? probably. I'm not looking to do it overnight & have a few months to get some basic functionality of each area working. Some of the posts I've read are starting to get dated as in older than 1 year now & I'd appreciate some feedback from what is currently out there and the direction the industry is headed.

From what I've seen it looks like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are preferred hardware components to the community & are well supported. My observation is that Arduino is more appropriate for sensors, motor control and things of that nature where Raspberry is more appropriate for audio/video, although I briefly read about an audio add on board for Arduino.

Anyone care to share their preferences as it will apply to me?

Then there is z-wave. I'm getting hung up on the licensing issues and difficulty there seems to be creating a robust application with the protocol. It seems professional looking electronic deadbolts (Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin) use z-wave. What's the scoop with z-wave and OR? Can I purchase their SDK and implement it with OR and still be part of the community, or do I need to go to the dark side & sign a contractor agreement with OR? I would prefer to stay with the community if possible.

Then again, if there is a viable professionally looking deadbolt alternative, I'm open to that too.

Ok, I've rattled enough for one sitting. I look forward to your comments.

  • Doug

Good morning Doug,

May I ask if you're looking for DIY solutions to your business goals or are you in need of professional solutions?

If you'd be kind enough to hunt down my web site and email address, I'd be happy to discuss the merits of a Velbus system that could meet the majority of your requirements at a hardware level, with OpenRemote providing a flexible and powerful user interface.

Best wishes and good luck,



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Thanks for the response Stuart. I have emailed you privately at your MDAR Ltd contact.

For everyone else, I didn't mention I'm in the US, near Dallas Texas, so hardware needs to be available in the US.

Take care,

  • Doug
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