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Hello, I'm new to OR but loving the concepts and ability to customize it!

I've watched several videos and read the documentation but I'm having trouble executing a simple HTTP command. I've added a device, then added a command, told the Designer that it's an HTTP command, added a button to my screen that references that command but no joy. I can enter the URL in my web browser and there are no issues, so I'm sure I'm just not understanding how to make this work in OR.

Basically, I have an Indigo server that accepts URL's to do pretty much anything. Entering into the browser works fine, but putting that same command into the URL portion of my HTTP command doesn't do anything at all. I hoped that maybe the console window where I ran the controller command (I'm using Mac) would show something but it doesn't.

I have changed the command to be PUT, POST and GET, none of them seem to do the trick.

Can anyone give me some direction on this?

Thank you!

Can you convert the file name not to contain spaces?

Or...Can you change the %20 to spaces in the URL portion of the HTTP POST command?

I'm not sure that's the fix but it's caused me issues in the past.

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