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Saw an article which gave me an idea....

Nexus 7, with Android 4.4.2
Downloaded (paid for) a copy of "Tasker" @ £2.99 UKP
Downloaded (paid for) Autovoice Pro @ £1.03 UKP

Setup tasker to respond to the phrase "Heating on" or "Heating off" with the trigger word "remote".
Tasker then calls a URL (GET) to http://mycontroll:8282/controller/rest/control/583/OFF
Where 583 is the UI switch for Heating On/Off

And it works
I can post further details if people are interested

Actually, and no idea if this is possible - but the panel code (exposed via /controller/rest/panel/PanelName) references Buttons and Sliders by name. Tasker also allows imports of "tasks". I may see if I can script something to generate a tasker file so you can import things into Tasker.

I appreciate that may be "recreating the wheel", as why would you not use OR? But if you can use Tasker to trigger events (like Geofencing when you come home), then call the OR REST API to keep OR in sync, that could be really handy to expose!

Addendum - I was thinking of using the Name="" variable, however if you set those, they show up as labels on the UI. Which breaks my plan a bit. Oh well!

Posted by ptruman at Dec 29, 2013 18:10

hi Peter,
yeah, I am interested in this.
I am using an iPhone for the moment.
not sure if everything is possible without jailbraking it.
But still, I want something similar, like you are implementing now.
cool stuff!

Posted by dclaeys at Jan 12, 2014 11:23

Hi Peter - I've got the same setup working fine. Very clever although I guess it would be easier if somehow you could user real names for switches - having to use the number is a bit slow when you set it up. Have you found a better way?

Also I saw a youtube video showcasing a home automation setup with autovoice and tasker. In the video he just says the name of the light and it switches it on or off on the basis that he only ever wants to change the current light setting. With OR a switch appears only to be called by ON or OFF which means a general purpose command to just change the current setting might not be possible?? Any ideas.

Posted by jules_bike at Mar 06, 2014 17:35

No better way yet - it's all by the numbers.

The video you refer to is similar to what I've done - they're using Tasker and Autovoice (same as me) - and Tasker relies on keywords to run commands, i.e. if you tell it to register a match on the words "light lounge on switch" (no order) you could say :

"Please would you switch the lounge light on?" and Autovoice would register the keywords, and run the relevant Tasker command. That's the manual bit - you have to tell Tasker which UI element to click/press/switch dependent on your phrase. If you could set a name within OR that did NOT show up on the UI, I could script a set of stuff for Tasker which in theory could be imported.

You'd still have to tweak Tasker though, as OR doesn't know what a device "is" (i.e. a light, or an X10 device), unless it could be yanked out of a Beehive property...

I'm quite keen to submit some defaults to OR as "devices" (i.e. Onkyo NR enabled A/V amps, Philips Hue defaults) so others can add them generically.

My main problem with Autovoice/my tablet is that it works fine when the room is quiet, but with any noise on, it (fairly obviously won't work). If I can find something it can 'hear' regardless (like a whistle) I could set it to mute the A/V for 10 seconds for a voice command maybe....

Posted by ptruman at Mar 09, 2014 09:11

Can't you just create a panel that does not get used just for the purposes of the tasker interface? What field is picked up which could be called directly thus avoiding the number?

I can't find a way to toggle a switch using the rest api? At the moment I have to send an off or an on which means two commands in tasker.

I also read someone in the forums that you could use a UDP listener although not sure whether that would be better.

I agree on the background noise issue. My ideal would be to have microphones dotted around the house that would be always listening for a keyword but with 4 noisy kids I don't live the quietist of houses!

The other possibility I guess would be a pebble watch or equivalent.

Posted by jules_bike at Mar 10, 2014 20:13
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