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I am new to the forum and just cannot get a slider to work. I have tried everything I can think of but either get an error or it just doesn't work. I have found a couple of tutorials but they just don't show all the steps or I am following them incorrectly. Here are the two that helped the most:

and then this one which, unfortunatly imports the commands from ETS4 which, when I do it does not give the the DTP values so is also of no help

Please excuse me if I do not explain the things correctly - I only have an idea as to what I am doing - the electrition was not very happy when I explained to him that I will not be buying a server from them but doing it myself.

Here is what I have - 1 Bedroom light that is connected to the EIB via Dali. I have received the following commands:

1/1/4 Bedroom ON/OFF 1 bit
1/2/4 Bedroom Dim 4 bits
1/3/4 Bedroom value ON/OFF 1 bit
1/4/4 Bedroom value 8 bits

I have created the following commands:

Name: Bedroom Scale
Group address: 1/3/4
KNX Commmand: Scale
DTP: 5.001

Name: Bedroom Dim
Group address: 1/2/4
KNX Commmand: Status
DTP: 5.001

I then created a sensor:

Name Bedroom Sensor
Command: Bedroom Dim
Type: Level

And then a slider:

Name: Bedroom Slider
Sensor: Bedroom Sensor
SetValue: Bedroom Dim

In the panel I then created a Slider that I set the command to Bedroom Slider.

I can get the lights on and off but for the life of me cannot get the slider to work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Thankinf you in advance

You need a 8 bits direct dimm group address. We don't dim with up/down but with direct value.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 08, 2014 00:39

Hi Markus

Thank you for your answer.

I have the following documentation:

1/1/4 = 1 Bit = Lighting
1/2/4 = 4 Bit = Dimming
1/3/4 = 1 Bit = Feedback switch
1/4/4 = 8 Bits = Feedback value

I tried to create a Sensor and a Dim for 1/4/4 => still doesn't work unfortunatly.

I bought the book "How to Smart Home" on iTunes but still cannot get it to work properally unfortunatly :o(

Any ideas?

Thank you

Posted by ursus at Feb 08, 2014 09:16

You need a write group address eg. 1/5/4 which sets a 1 byte value (DPT5.001)

Posted by mredeker at Feb 08, 2014 19:23

Hi Markus

thank you again for taking the time to help me.

If I understand you correctly the 1/2/4 cannot be used for dimming using OpenRemote as you need an 8 bit (1 byte) value - am I understanding this correctly?

Thanking you in advance

Posted by ursus at Feb 08, 2014 20:35

That is correct. We do not support 4bit dimming at the moment.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 08, 2014 21:56

Hi Markus

thank you for the info

Greetings from Austria

Posted by ursus at Feb 08, 2014 22:19
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