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My name is Ignacio and I'm a total newby to home automation and Open Remote. I like to start by trying new things right away and so I ventured and bought an Eth-Rly 16 relay to play with. I can connect to it through its web interface and switch relays on and off but don't have a clue how to connect it to Open remote to start playing around. Anyone can help?



You can use our HTTP protocol and connect to it. You need find out the API which your device is using.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 21, 2013 22:27

Will try that. Thanks,

Posted by badgandalf at Jul 22, 2013 16:32

There seems to be a fairly simple TCP protocol too which can probably be scripted with the current TCP implementation in the Designer:

Posted by juha at Jul 27, 2013 17:42
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