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Hi All,

Very new to OR, but have my KNX install working.

I am now trying to incorporate the SONOS HTTP API.

I have installed everything according to the tutorial at

I am running ubuntu with nodejs version 0.10.25 and am receiving the below when running node server.js

am i missing something...?

Excuse me if this is simple as i am new to this.


binding SSDP to port 2527
discovering all IPs from lo
discovering all IPs from eth0
relevant IPs { '': null }
notification server listening on port 3500
no preset file, ignoring...
http server listening on port 5005
scanning for players in ip
subscribing to topology
using local endpoint

_this.state.nextTrack.duration = attr().duration.parseTime();
TypeError: Cannot call method 'parseTime' of undefined
at /home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/lib/player.js:215:58
at parse (/home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/node_modules/easysax/easysax.js:671:10)
at EasySAXParser.parse (/home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/node_modules/easysax/easysax.js:142:4)
at updateTransportState (/home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/lib/player.js:238:17)
at Discovery.handleNotification (/home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/lib/player.js:151:9)
at Discovery.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20)
at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/home/ubuntu32/Downloads/node-sonos-http-api-master/node_modules/sonos-discovery/lib/sonos.js:282:15)
at IncomingMessage.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:92:17)
at _stream_readable.js:920:16
at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)

Sorry, but this is an issue on the Node.js side and I don't now how that part works.

Was there a recent update on the Sonos side ? Or on the other hand, is your Sonos device up to date ?
Maybe post on issue on the node-sonos-http library github page ?

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 18, 2014 15:53

Thank you for your reply Eric.

My SONOS is update to date with Version 4.2 (build 24071060).

Thank you for pointing out this is a node.js issue.
I will pursue this on the github page.


Posted by hy8r1d at Feb 18, 2014 21:09

All Fixed,

Thanks to jishi on GitHub.

This is an old bug.

Delete node_modules folder and run npm install again.

Thank you for your input Eric.

Posted by hy8r1d at Feb 19, 2014 07:01
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