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I am new to home automation, new to Linux and not familiar with the language used in open system software.
You will tell me it is a bad start...well maybe
I am using an Macbook and want to use it with OpenRemote for Home automation project. My OS is Yosemite 10.10.1.
First step, I did download the openremote software "OpenRemote-Controller-2.1.0_SNAPSHOT-2013-06-17" from Soueceforge, moved it to desktop and rename it "openremotefile".
On the OpenRemote web sit I looked at the install procedure for a Mac.
So after opening the terminal application (that looks like the old PC DOS in the 80's) I tried to get to the proper directory and finally got there. I tried to "run" the as described on the openremote web site "From your Desktop change to OpenRemote bin directory and execute ./ run"
Well I did not go any further, the message from the terminal app I got is the following:

Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:~ Gaston$ cd desktop
Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:desktop Gaston$ cd openremotefile
Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:openremotefile Gaston$ cd bin
Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:bin Gaston$ ./ run
-bash: ./ Permission denied
Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:bin Gaston$ sudo ./ run
sudo: ./ command not found
Gaston-Bxxxs-MacBook-Pro:bin Gaston$

I found the sudo thing by miracle I would say and it seem to have resolve the permission problem even if I have the administrator privilege.

So anybody can give me an idea what the problem could be^

Thanks for any help

Is executable ?

You might need to do a

chmod u+x
Posted by ebariaux at Jan 08, 2015 12:31

Thanks Eric,
Did the trick till next step.
Now I get the JAVA_HOME variable not found (or something like this).
I found the way to modify that by updating the launchd.conf file. Where this file is not ask me ???
Anyway using the terminal app I can modify that file. In my case (os x yosemite) this file does not exist anymore but I can create it. My problem is how to save it and where?? I do not have any clue..if you know how to do that, well I would appreciate.
Thanks very much for your help

Posted by zonegrise at Jan 13, 2015 22:49
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