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I am rather new to Openremote and have enjoyed struggling through Setting everything up so far.
But now I am stuck. If I understand things correctly, the only Thing missing now, is Beehive but I am failing to understand what exactly I Need to download and what to do then.
I have found my way to but dont know what to do now.
I have seen the readme.txt but that doesnt help either.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards, Brassa

Usually, users have to install Beehive. You've to download and install Beehive only if you'd like to locally develop new features or modules for OpenRemote.
Normal Openremote installation for users is quite simple:
1/ Install Openremote controller
2/ Install OpenRemote panels (like for iOS, Android, ...)
3/ Create your screens in the designer (your design will be store in the cloud where a Beehive storage is used)
4/ synchronize your designed screens on your controller


Posted by yannph at Dec 03, 2013 08:21

Hey Yann,

thank you for your reply and Explanations. I will remove my last post on the other thread
I might have missed the Installation of the Panels - could that explain, why the Icons from Beehive is empty?

All I want to do is develop my own "mobile" frontend based on openremote.
THe Feature and module development can wait

Cheers, Brassa

Posted by brassalui at Dec 03, 2013 08:41

If that can help you ... Get Started

Posted by yannph at Dec 03, 2013 08:54

It sort of does / did. After installing and linking to iphone openremote App, I now have a bunch of Icons in Beehive, but only 20 and None for e.g. lights on / off.
Is there a dependancy I am not seeing? Cheers, Brassa

Posted by brassalui at Dec 03, 2013 09:10

You can find more images in the Professional version of the Openremote designer version, but I'm afraid that in the current (and old) version of the free online designer, there is no more than 20-25 images loaded in Beehive.
Hopefully, you can always load your owns images.
But I agree with you, and it's one of my main concern about OpenRemote: you need to be a good technical guy with graphical and designer talent to use it at it's full potential.
More graphical images, themes, templates and designed libraries would be more than welcome for the end users.

Posted by yannph at Dec 03, 2013 09:32
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