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I need to run commands that use the playerid in xbmc which is usually 0 or 1. I have stored it in a sensor and used it successfully in rules however I need to somehow store it as a variable to be used in commands attached to buttons.

Here is my scenario...

I want to turn a light on when XBMC begins playing a video and turn it off when it stops however I need to specify the playerid to poll the status for.

In this case I can probably setup 2 sensors querying both playerid's (and associated rules) but there are other things I want to do that require variables.

Is there any way to use a value from a sensor in an unattached command? Is there a way to use "global" variables?


edit: I am an idiot, I found some examples and you just declare variables and set them. I am not a programmer so this will take some research...

Feel free to post back what you discover. Might help the next user.

Posted by juha at Sep 12, 2013 12:59
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