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Hi everybody!

I'm interested in setting home automation in my house controlled by usb adapter plugged to NAS with OpenRemote.

I would like to control HomeEasy switches since they are only one available cheap in my country, and KlikAanKlikUit because they have dimmer for halogens, and if it would be possible to control some RGB led blulbs

Please tell me which USB adapter could control those systems?
This could be suitable?
Do you know any good RGB bulbs for home automation?

And regarding NAS, i was thinking about NerGear ReadyNas 102 or Synology 213j
Which one is better for installing and handling (i saw Netgear has very simple instruction compared to Synology)
And im not sure if 213j is compatibile


As far as NAS compatibility goes, the ReadyNAS 102 and the Synology 213j use the exact same chip, which is ARM based.
For ReadyNAS, I believe it's only been tested on Intel based machines.

The main thing is the make sure a decent Java VM can be installed.

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