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Thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to receive a command from one system (that is sending an HTTP Json command) via the HTTP GET command and then from that send a command to another device via HTTP POST. I don't know what needs to go into the URL as well as what other information I need. The only example I saw was for the weather but was not really relating to my issue. Can someone please help?

Not unless you provide more information...

The basics would be:

  • have the first HTTP GET command linked to a sensor to extract the value you want
  • have a rule triggered based on that and in the rule trigger your HTTP POST command

I'm not sure how to pass the sensor value to the second command though, would need some testing / looking at the source code.
I suppose if it's a post that the sensor value must somehow be part of the payload of the POST command.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 17, 2014 08:55

Thanks Eric for the response!

I think I get that part of extracting the command and then working with a sensor to pass to the other command. My problem is, I don't know which URL (or how to write the URL) for the GET command. I also don't know what other information needs to be in the GET command for the other fields if any. For instance, I have a control system that is not able to send JSON commands to an XBMC system, I believe because it does not have a field for content-type. So I want to send a specific command from the control system that OpenRemote receives and then sends the appropriate JSON command to the XBMC system.

I think there are two ways someone could help. If someone could send me the correct header for a JSON command going to XBMC frodo as if you were just to type it rather than put it in the OpenRemote form. OR give some advice on what I would need in the fields of the OpenRemote form to receive a specified IP command. I hope this explained it a little better...

Posted by bbaskety at Jan 17, 2014 12:06

Did you read OpenRemote HTTP protocol?

Posted by pz1 at Jan 17, 2014 12:34

Yes several times. But I'm not sure it applies to what I'm trying to do. That link to give me information on how to pull the weather in that example, but does not give me additional information for the task I'm trying to accomplish. I am not sure which of these fields I need to fill in. And if there is anything extra I would need to put to accomplish my task. Any and all help is appreciated...

Posted by bbaskety at Jan 17, 2014 12:50
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