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As winter is coming and I have more time to work further with my HA and OR. I think HA is more of automating things than controlling them with mobile devices although I have to admit at current state OR is more the latter for me. But now I'm looking couple tips for heating automation based by time and situation. My case is following: Billing of my electricity is based on electricity market price by hour and usually it is cheaper by night. So I'd like to thermostats to heat to assigned temperature by night but on the day hours not to begin heating until temperature decreases preassigned(for example 2 degrees) amount below defined temperature. That is useful if winter gets very cold. Should I make same virtual-memory sensors for storing that day temperature for heating or is there better method to achieve that? Also I obviously don't want to mess with rules every time I change temperature settings.


Some tips how to preset temperature through switches/buttons you can find in this discussion

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