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Hi All,

I'm currently using OR on a Windows PC.

How do I perform debugging within rules?
As an example, can I output text to the DOS console screen?
Can I write date, time, variables etc out to the dos screen?

On a side note, is there only the one potentially huge rule file or can the separate rules be broken into smaller files and viewed separately in the designer, ie as per the macro's?


Hi Neil,

See thread Rules Logging

The rules can be broken down to multiple files but this is only supported by the controller at the moment – you can have multiple rules files in the /webapps/controller/rules directory. Unfortunately the designer UI currently has been set up only to allow single rule file definition to be entered. That's something that needs to change.

Posted by juha at Jun 12, 2013 11:30

I totally agree.
Testing rules is very long due to the fact the there is no stand alone environment and you must run on the production controller.

Posted by niraviry at Jun 12, 2013 19:47

Hi Juha,
So as an example, lots of the sample how to's ie sunset, sunrise and functions such as the log file creation, could be stored in a utils file and called by the main file in the controller?


Posted by nwe at Jun 12, 2013 22:16
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