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Good afternoon.

I've been working with the web console and the Firefox Mouseless Browsing plugin. Unfortunately, that plugin cannot handle clickable divs. How would I go about changing the code to use HTML button elements instead?

I'm looking at modifying the constructor for org.openremote.web.console.widget.ButtonComponent so that it adds an instance instead of the Label and Image controls as it does now ...

If this works out, I'll probably try to make some kind of accessibility mode so that I can avoid having a special version of the code.

Thankfully, it looks like this will not be necessary.

Posted by cortextual at Jan 10, 2012 22:30

Hi Andrew,

I've only just seen this post regarding the Web Console. If you need any more assistance with what you are trying to do then please let me know.

I am still working on the Web Console 2.0 so things are changing a bit. I resorted to using divs in the button widgets as it gave me more flexibility than using GWT Button components (Which will revert to using native HTML buttons).

Anyway I'm watching this page now!

Posted by kurrazyman at Jan 27, 2012 17:49
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