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I was able to install OpenRemote as a service on Windows 8.1 x64. I am using the 2.2 build of OpenRemote found in the developer folder on SourceForge. I am also using Tomcat8 and JRE7. When I installed Tomcat I changed the HTTP port to 8688. It automatically found my JRE7 path. I installed Tomcat in C:\OpenRemote. Then once Tomcat is installed I opened the OPenRemote zip file and extracted everything from the webapp folder into c:\openremote\webapps. I also changed the run path of Tomcat to C:\OpenRemote\bin. The default was C:\OpenRemote. You can do this in the Tomcat service manager which should be running on the tray. I also changed the service name of Tomcat to OpenRemote because that is the only thing I use Tomcat for on this machine. I made a video of the whole process here:

Hopefully this will help some people. It took me forever to get all the pathing right. My first problem was I was extracting the controller into C:\OpenRemote\webapps\ROOT\ but really it needs to go into C:\OpenRemote\webapps. The other problem was OpenRemote expected the running path to be C:\OpenRemote\bin and the default running path for Tomcat was C:\OpenRemote.

Hello Noel,

thank you for your great Text and Video. The installation works at my system, too.

But was is not working, is the KNX connect with the service. In "normal" mode with - OpenRemote.bat run - the KNX connect is working good. Installed with the tomcat Service the KNX Connect is not working.

The KNX Log says "INFO 2014-06-01 09:05:06,902 (KNX): KNX connection not available.", but not more.

Have you got any ideas?


Posted by markusdominik at Jun 01, 2014 20:28

If you try to quick after one another (normal, cancel and then as a service), it could be that your KNX gateway did not close the connection. Unless your gateway support multiple connection you might need to wait up to 10 minutes. Or just power off and on your gateways and then try again.

Posted by mredeker at Jun 30, 2014 00:21

Hello Marcus,
thanks for your answer, but that ist not the raeson. My KNX Gateway supports multiple connections. I have tested this with other software. Have you got another idea?


Posted by markusdominik at Jun 30, 2014 19:15

Maybe user rights or firewall settings which might be different?
I don't really have another idea, sorry.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 01, 2014 00:31

Thank you Noel!
Using your video, I've gotten as far as the Open Remote Controller login screen, but it will not accept my username and/or password. I am able to login to Designer with the same UN & PW, but not the Controller. Also the Reload configuration and clear cache (button/link?) only yields an infinite loop.

Please contact me at occamrazr ___

Looking forward to your help.

Posted by butchalline at Jul 19, 2014 23:39

Hello Noel,
your right. The Windows Firewall is the problem.
You must pass UDP Traffic outgoing on Port 3671 for application c:\OpenRemote\bin\OpenRemote.exe. And you must pass UDP Traffic incoming on all Ports for application c:\OpenRemote\bin\OpenRemote.exe.
Many thanks, Markus

Posted by markusdominik at Nov 03, 2014 21:17

Hi I wanted to try this out on a Windows 8.1 64bit server but I find that following your instructions and using Java 1.7 I get errors with Drools. How did you manage to get round this problem?

Caused by: org.drools.RuntimeDroolsException: value '1.7' is not a valid language level

Posted by jules_bike at Jan 28, 2015 15:53
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