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Help connect MCA-C3 through the RS232 port GC-100... What and where to register? 've tried a lot of options in the Designer Professional and never found a solution.

I don't know the GC-100, but do you have the RS232 connection up and running?
Can you open a socket to the GC-100 and send commands which are given to the RS232 device?

Posted by mredeker at Aug 31, 2013 20:33

Please use this howto.

russound.ip should be set to the ip address of your gc-100-12 and russound.port should be 4999 or 5000 depending on whether you connect to the first or second rs232 port respectively.

Posted by ggraja at Sep 01, 2013 08:14

Unfortunately, the equipment is on site and I can't quickly to try. With regard to installations IP and port - so I did, but nothing worked.
Could this be due to the fact that Vera 3 also is configured to manage the MAC 3, as well as GC-100 supports only one connection in my attempts were in vain?
In the near future will test and I will write on the results.

Posted by boorator at Sep 02, 2013 05:55

The MCA-C3 only has one RS232 port. Either the Vera is attached or the GC-100.
If the Vera is controlling the C3 through IP it is using the RIO protocol. This can go parallel with the RS232 and should not cause issues.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 02, 2013 09:00

I meant that in Vera3 used паралльно plugin Russound RNet, who also uses the rs232 port is configured through the GC-100. It couldn't verify the operability of control through OpenRemote. 'll check it out soon.

Posted by boorator at Sep 02, 2013 15:15

it says that vera is connected using a usb2serial cable.
which plugin are you using? please provide a link.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 02, 2013 15:43

I use this plugin only through the port rs232 GC-100

Posted by boorator at Sep 02, 2013 18:48

That means the GC-100 rs232 connection to MCA-C3 is working dine.
Question is, if the GC-100 allows multiple connections at the same time?
Otherwise you have to stop Vera plugin before trying OpenRemote.

Posted by mredeker at Sep 02, 2013 19:16
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