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Hello everyone,

I'm new to OpenRemote and I'm really impressed by what you have achieved! (the more I try and fail with my experiments, the more I'm getting impressed )

I would like to create my own visualization for a serverless KNX remote control for iPhone. I've to say that I'm all new to KNX and Objective-C. However, I read alot about these issues and I tried hard to get the code of OpenRemote KNX to work. Unfortunately I had no success - still I'm not able to send a simple command. What I do is setting up the connection to the gateway and afterwards sending an "on" command (0x81) by using the given methods. I modified the code (..printouts) and used an ethernet monitor to get an understanding of what's going wrong. It seems that the second command ("on") isn't sent at all. I guess I'm missing a step.. maybe more than one.

I'm grateful for each comment.

Best regards,



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