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Hi all

I undoubtedly have a very simple question. Once the android app is showing a screen, how can I get back to the settings panel? The only information I read was to push the options button, however, on my LG G3, there is no options button? I'm used to shaking on my iPad, however, that doesn't work...

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Hi Pieter,

Do you get a three dot button option next to the on screen navigation buttons at the bottom?

That should open the menu

Also, if you added a tab bar in the designer, that's probably why you're not seeing the settings option. The settings option is on the default tab bar (the tab bar on android opens by pressing the three dot icon), but once you add one with tab items, the settings options disappears. You can always add a new tab item and assign its navigation to Action/Settings in the designer

Posted by aptalca at Jan 31, 2015 00:33

Thank you, X. It solved my problemn.

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Posted by josako at Jan 31, 2015 11:04
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