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I enabled the authentication tomcat at the controller by specifying a user with the role "OpenRemote".

By connecting with my android phone, it works perfectly whether 3g or wifi.

Trying to connect with the web application "Webconsole" I fill my user and password, but the application still returns to the selection panel.

I enabled the console to see the network stream and I see a 403 http in json flow.

Therefore impossible to use webconsole with authentication.

because jsonp don't use username and password :

    private void doJsonpRequest(final String url,
            final JSONPControllerCallback callback, final Integer timeout)
        final JsonpRequestBuilder jsonp = new JsonpRequestBuilder();
        if (timeout != null)
        jsonp.requestObject(url, callback);

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There are some missing patches in Controller 2.0.2 that the Web Console requires for authentication support (uses CORS so a HTML5 compatible browser is required), I have created a branch for Controller 2.0.2 with the required patches applied: -



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