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I'd like to emulate a z-wave remote.

If I had a zwave remote, I'd press a button, the remote would spit out it's event and OpenRemote would cause one or more lights/fans/things to occur.

But why do I need to buy a physical remote? Why can't I add a button and have it send out the command?

I know the answer.. "why the heck would you want to do that? why u-turn and have Open remote do all that?

The reason is.. my Z-Stick/OpenRemote is a secondary controller, the command I want sent would be interpreted by the primary controller, not OpenRemote!

I bet I'm not the first person to ask for this


I've already started to implement this feature - add OpenRemote as secondary controller because this is required for Z-Wave controller certification. I've managed to add the OpenRemote controller as secondary controller by means of a Vera controller but Z-Wave network replication from primary to secondary controller is still missing because I'm currently working on "more important" things like Z-Wave door locks and the related network security layer.

So stay tuned.

Posted by rhitz at Aug 18, 2015 07:00


I am asking for this because I was able to add it as a secondary to my StaplesConnect hub. It was in some ways an accident, and it sure didn't go the way I wanted, but it's all rebuilt now and working as I'd like.

I stumbled into a button on the StaplesConnect GUI that said "Rediscover Z-Wave Network" and I though oh cool!" and clicked it. Sure enough it did that. Further down is another button that says "Learn Z-Wave Network" and I clicked that and it warned me: "Do you wish to learn an existing Z-Wave network? This is not recommended." well yes I do, I said to myself and I promptly lost the entire config of StaplesConnect. BUT it was added to the Z-Stick network! I had to rebuilt all the StaplesConnect stuff, but once done, it's very nice. The integration of Lutron Pico Remotes is wonderful because they can, via StaplesConnect, cause Zigbee, Lutron and ZWave devices to action.

I can just about abandon the StaplesConnect Gui now because there's a Pico Remote in each room doing what needs (can) be done for that room/area. Anything else is done via OpenRemote, which is a faster launch by far. OpenConnect however, can't cause Zigbee or non-zwave actions, which I've "cured" by desiring a pseudo remote that will be seen by StaplesConnect and cause it to take action.

Posted by c.steele at Aug 18, 2015 23:27
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