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First of all: I've been using OpenRemote for a while now and its slendid! I want to add more functionality to it, so I started working with the beta designer that has the WebView widget. I have a Foscam 8904W IP camera. The URL is http://<IP_ADRESS>/video.cgi. I added the WebView widget and assigned the URL to it. Also entered the credentials. When I go to the page on my iPad, I see a snapshot instead of a video stream. Strange thing is that when I touch the widget, the image is updated with a new snapshot. The camera is working fine in its own webserver and also in Domoticz.

Any ideas?


Having exactly the same problem.

Anybody with suggestions?


Posted by matzr at Oct 28, 2014 20:44

Also can not get the video stream from the cameras Axis M3004 and Panasonic WV-SP105E. Ready to participate in the experiments. Android 320*480, iPad 768*1024 console.

Posted by aleksey_z at Oct 29, 2014 16:02

To be honest I don't believe it has to do with the camera.
For some reason the sensor doesn't get updated.

Actually none of my sensors get updated anymore now. E.g. switch buttons don't show the correct state, which leads that I can't switch them anymore.

Posted by matzr at Nov 05, 2014 15:15
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