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To start, I am new to openremote and I am not a programmer. I am a DIYer that likes to tinker with computers and technology.

I know this has been addressed on the forums in a couple different areas, such as this. I have tried to replicate the process discussed. But, I am still confused on how to handle scene switching when an device does not have discrete ON/Off codes.

As in the referenced thread, I currently have a harmony remote that I would like to replace with OR. I will be adding lighting scenes, etc. down the road. Currently, the devices I am working with do not have discrete IR-codes for On/Off. Specifically, I am working with the following equipment:

AVR - Pioneer VSX-917
TV - Insignia TV
Cable - Scientific Atlanta 8240
HTPC - Kodi connected to Emby Server backend (controlled through MCE Controller - Telnet)

On the harmony, the Remote "remembers" the states of the device so if the device is already turned on, the Turn ON/OFF code isn`t sent again.

Scenario would be the following:

Scene (Macro) "Watch TV (TV)" selected:
-> Pioneer VSX-917 Power Toggle Sent -> (AVR turns on)
-> Insignia Power Toggle Sent -> (TV turns on)
-> Cable Toogle sent -> (Cable turns ON)
-> Pioneer VSX-917 Input Select TV -> (AVR TV input selected)

Now i want to watch movies

Scene (Macro) "Watch Movies" selected:
-> Pioneer VSX-917 Power Toggle Sent -> (AVR is already on, nothing should happen)
-> Insignia Power Toggle Sent -> (TV is already on, nothing should happen)
-> Cable Toogle sent -> (Cable turns off)
-> Pioneer VSX-917 Input Select BluRay -> (AVR BluRay input selected)

I know that I need to use In Memory Virtual Commands to make this happen. For the Pioneer VSX917 I have created the following commands:

1) VSX917_VRStatus (In-Memory Virtual Command - status)
2) VSX917_VROff (In-Memory Virtual Command - off)
3) VSX917_VROn (In-Memory Virtual Command - on)

I have created the following Sensor

VSX917_Power_Sensor (Command - VSX917_VRStatus; Type- switch)

I have created the following switch

sensor - VSX917_Power_Sensor
command - VSX917_VROn
command - VSX917_VROff

I also know that I should use rules. I have created the following rule:

package org.openremote.controller.protocol

global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.CommandFacade execute;
global org.openremote.controller.statuscache.SwitchFacade switches;

rule "VSX917 On"


event(source == "VSX917_VRStatus", value = "on")




rule "VSX917 Off"


event(source == "VSX917_VRStatus", value = "off")




I then created a macro called "Watch Movies." This macro calls the "VXS917_VROn" command. I have a button on my UI that is associated with this macro. When I push the button, I see the IR emitter flash but nothing happens. The Pioneer VSX917 does not turn on. I know that the IR power toggle works because I also have a button on my UI that calls the Power toggle command directly and can turn the Pioneer VSX917 on and off.

What did I do wrong? I know my problem is something simple. If I can get this figured out, I think I will be able to setup my "first draft" of the OR system. Thanks in advance.

Your problem appears to be that your Pioneer AVR does not react to your Power command.

A common problem with Pioneer equipment is that the remotes often sends "two commands" (as conceived by many learning remotes and learning sensors) when pressing one button.

What command(s) are you using? How did you get them?

Posted by barf at Jan 02, 2016 09:12

I am using the power toggle command that I downloaded from the global cache device database. I do not believe this is the problem. I can program a Power "hard button" and control the device without problems. The issue comes when I try to trigger the power with a rule. I am not sure why the program breaks things.

Again, I know that something is begin sent as the IR emitter blinks.

Posted by ejr1283 at Jan 02, 2016 20:19

Trying to confirm... The single IR command for "on" works, but the macro doesn't?

Posted by niedejb at Jan 03, 2016 01:58

That is correct. If I map the power command to a button I can turn the receiver on and off. But, if I try use the macro, it does not work.

Posted by ejr1283 at Jan 03, 2016 04:01

What other commands are in the macro? Could the power command be in the macro twice? (turning the component on and then immediately off?)

Can you also confirm that we're talking about the macros in the designer and not any of the rules?

Posted by niedejb at Jan 03, 2016 04:39

What the command VSX917_Power does?

Posted by aktur at Jan 04, 2016 10:28
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