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Looking through the code to port to android, I am reading the "IR Command delay" stuff as in It seems these are linked to the IR only with several references to IRCommand. However it seems to me that there is a case for macros with delays independently of IR no? if anything the commands on GC (over IP, not seen as IR?) would require delay.

If that is the case, I can go through the moves of detaching the Delay from the IR construct and offer a generic delay. I will also investigate how it is done in the designer today and whether macros with delay are only for IR..

after speaking with juha and testing the code I ported, it actually is legacy stuff from the 1.0 days. CLearly it did not belong there (delay linked to protocol). It is already a feature in the serverless droid.

Posted by marcf at Nov 25, 2010 14:12
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