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First I'd like to acknowledge the help of Universal Devices. They're the reason we're moving forward with the Insteon at this time.

The advantage of the ISY is that it hides many of the gory details of Insteon behind a nice API. For those of you not familiar with the Insteon protocol it is much more complicated than the X10 protocol.

At this time I've added the ISY to my home network. I've dedicated a few Insteon devices to use with the ISY and I've created a few scenes. I also have the ControlLinc (desktop remote) working. The Wireless RemoteLinc is giving a few problems but this may be related to a problem in my home rather than the ISY. I've tried linking the end devices to both of my Insteon PLMs but that didn't work as well as I've hoped and I really like to keep my home running (and wife happy) while I experiment with this.

I had been working with the ISY and a RESTful interface. It's a little scare (but simple) in that I'm still learning Java so bear with me. I did run into some problems and I'm now looking to move towards the Web Services API as it allows the reporting of event changes.

The rest of my testbed setup is the EEE PC and the Alix box. In addition to the Insteon I also have X10 devices to work with. I'll use both PCs to test my code but I also have to keep the rest of my home automation running. It's not easy to use your own home as a test bed.

Thanks for your efforts Neil...

It wil be interesting to see how this beds down, I'll have basic HA system in place in a few more months, for the time being I have other focuses.

When I'm up I'll definitely be happy to be a guinea pig, no WAF to worry about  ;-P

Posted by jalyst at Oct 22, 2009 07:20

I'm a couple of months out from getting hardware but was looking at getting Insteon instead of X10 because of the supposed increase in reliability. Once I'm up I'll also be a willing guinea pig, and the girlf is used to me breaking various parts of the house for other side projects

Posted by jpsmith at Oct 22, 2009 15:31

WAF/SAF (Spouse Acceptance factor, the one I prefer) is a useful thing. It keeps you from going overboard. Without my wife my house would tend toward Frankenstein's Monster. Except at Halloween when my wife puts out all the Halloween toys (mechanical/electronic toys). We're working on Christmas but we'd prefer a little more taste than what we're seeing right now and I also don't want to go nuclear on the lights.

I hope to have a lot more Insteon in a few months so this will be fun. Having the dual systems will be interesting as will having multiple Insteon PLMs (I have 3). Once I get the code figured out I'll also have to integrate Misterhouse and OpenRemote. I can't have the system dueling with each other.

Posted by linuxha at Oct 22, 2009 16:55

I really like the Insteon, it's more dependable than x10 right out of the box. That's not to say that I haven't run into problems. Some of the same problems that bite X10 (signal black holes, dual phase bridging) can also bite Insteon. But alway be careful of using my home as a yardstick. Not many homes have a many systems as mine (heck I've got a better lab than some of the small service labs in AT&T ). Cost-wise Insteon is on par with the better quality X10 modules (i.e. not made by the X10 company ). Of course the Insteon PLM also supports X10 so having some X10 is not a problem. This is useful as there are some X10 devices that do not have a matching deviice in the Insteon world. Also sometimes the Insteon protocol gets in it's own way and a few X10 devices get around these limitations.

Posted by linuxha at Oct 22, 2009 17:07

I dont have the SAF restraints/shackles nowadays, muahahahaha....

Posted by jalyst at Oct 22, 2009 17:16

How is the Insteon work going for you? I'm still deciding on hardware and I really like what Insteon has available (I'm based in Canada). I see a lot of work towards KXN equipment but not too much noise about adding Insteon. Do you know if it is something that is planned and being worked on now or just one on a list of many "nice to haves" but no plans for it to be added any time soon?

Posted by jpsmith at Dec 03, 2009 03:58
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