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I'm currently working on providing some basic support for VoIP in OR and more specifically using it with a Mobotix T24 door entry station.
The basic functional scenario is:

  • somebody rings at the door
  • all OR consoles are notified / ring
  • user picks up on one console, others stop ringing and user can see person at the door and have audio conversation

In order to achieve that, the following changes will be done:

The controller will act as a SIP registrar and proxy, so that the T24 and consoles can register with the controller.
When somebody rings at the door, the T24 calls the controller. The controller proxies the call in parallel to all registered consoles.
When one console picks up, the controller establishes the call between T24 and that console and cancels the other call requests.

This mechanism is implemented using a SipServlet.
The web container must thus be extended to provide SipServlet support. We are using mobicents 1.7 on top of Tomcat in the runtime distribution for this controller.

The console now needs to embed a SIP/VoIP client.
I'm currently developing that into the iOS console for now. It can be extended to support the other consoles in a further stage.
It needs to:

  • (SIP) register to the controller
  • receive SIP call signaling information (ringing, hangup, ...)
  • handle the audio streams during the call

To achieve this, we're using the linphone library.

There however needs to be a way for the SIP client in the console to communicate with the UI.

There should be commands to allow UI elements to:

  • pickup a call
  • hangup
  • mute (on, off, toggle) the audio stream

There should also be commands/sensors to query the call status (ringing, in call, no call) and the mute status. Additional information such as caller name can also be provided.

To implement those aspects, I would propose to support client side versions of commands and sensors (of protocols really). This is described in more detail in this thread.

There currently is no handling of sound (playing, streaming, recording) in the consoles and so in a first phase, these aspects of VoIP would be handled in a specific way.


Can you please tell me what the latest status of OR with regards to the Door station and SIP development is.
I am looking into putting something together as a door station which can be communicated with through the OR console.
The T-24 is becoming obsolete and was also too expensive. Wiring seems impractical as well.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

Posted by nasser1 at Oct 01, 2014 22:20

Basically parked until further notice

Posted by ebariaux at Oct 06, 2014 13:24

Does the controller really needs to act as a SIP registrar and proxy?
Isn't it possible to connect to an asterisk server from the device (e.g. Ipad)?
Would be really usefull for ip door phone.


Posted by fichrist at Mar 10, 2015 07:03
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