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I set up the Insteon Hub using HouseLinc which can be downloaded from Insteon web site.

I configured the hub and units using this program.

I set a fixed IP address for the hub using a DHCP server

I did not set a User or Password

I was then able to control the devices using HTTP Protocol under Open Remote and the GET Method

To control Insteon Unit with address of 21.A8.A8

The following commands were entered into URL

To turn the unit On

http://Hub IP:25105/3?026221A8A80F11FF=I=3-

21A8A8 Unit Address

0262 Direct Command Flag

OF SD Flag Standard Command

11 Command (11=ON)

FF =level (FF=100%)

=I=3 Number of re transmits

To Turn the Unit Off

http://Hub IP:25105/3?026221A8A80F13FF=I=3-

13 Command (13=Off)

Getting Device Status involves having to make a couple URL calls

http://Hub IP:25105/3?026221A8A90F19FF=I=3-

19 Command (19=Status)

This returns





It is also possible to send X10 commands

X10 ddressM15


http://Hub Ip:25105/3?02630400=I=3

http://Hub Ip:25105/3?02630380=I=3


http://Hub IP:25105/3?02630400=I=3

http://Hub IP:25105/3?02630280=I=3

The following Web Page has a lot of good information regarding controlling Insteon Devices

If any one familiar with Regex could help me extracting On and Off from these 2 strings I would be grateful.





Insteon-Hub.doc (application/octet-stream)
Insteon-Hub.pdf (application/pdf)
InsteonHub.pdf (application/pdf)

This link may help you:
you may also investigate using a direct tcp connection and port 9761.

Posted by 3gem at Jan 31, 2014 22:56

Many thanks for that info I have already found this page
most helpful

Posted by pjmm at Feb 01, 2014 19:37

The first 16 characters in the response are the last command sent to the controller the 06 represents a success the rest starting with 0250 will give the current status from the last command. Just from a glance it looks like both responses are from an off command. Here are some links that will give you more help:

Posted by 3gem at Feb 07, 2014 05:40


Did you ever work out the correct regular expression to extract the device level from the XML? I'm not a coder so the regular expression concept is new to me.

I've also found the following URL to query a devices status directly without the need to use buffstatus.xml:


See the following URL for details.

The output from the above command is included below so if anyone could assist with the regular expression to extract the device level/status it would be greatly appreciated.

URL for device query http://X.X.X.X:<port>/sx.xml?AABBCC=1900

The following output is shown in the browser.


The regular expression needs to extract the last 2 digits of the string, FF in this case.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Shorty after this port I found a link to a regular expression.

I tested this with an online regex debugger ( and it gave me an error about the last double-quotes not being escape so I added a \ before them. The regex now looks like this.


Unknown macro: {2}

Now I need to convert the HEX to decimal somehow for inclusion in the sensor level assuming the above regex is correct.

Posted by mcornhill at Feb 16, 2014 05:50


I have attached a document which lists my progress with the Insteon Hub
it is my working notes and they are a bit rough and ready

Regarding Regex I found the following link a big help

You should download the program Espresso using the link on this page
I find the great for working out the correct Regex for Openremote.

Insteon hub Doc

Posted by pjmm at Feb 16, 2014 15:13

The attachment didn't upload


Posted by pjmm at Feb 16, 2014 21:22

Hi Pierce,

Thank you very much for the detailed document which I have used to successfully get my Insteon micro dimmer working.

I've updated the custom sensor details to make it easier to understand for others as it threw me off initially. I also added a screen shot of the custom sensor to clearly display the configuration.

The other missing functionality for Insteon is getting and setting the level of a dimmer module or a thermostat which you also mentioned.
Have you made any progress with this? If we can convert HEX to decimal we will be one step closer to having this work.

Again thank you for you help Pierce.

!140217 - Insteon-Hub.pdf!

Posted by mcornhill at Feb 17, 2014 11:18


setting the levels of Dimmer Module is covered in my example


The FF = 100%

You can input 40 = 25% 7F = 50% BF = 75%

they are represented as hexadecimal values from 0 to 255.

Regarding Thermostats the example I gave covers

Heat set point 71

Hex 8E (71 * 2 = 142, converted to hex = 8E)
You would have to convert this using a custom rule.

Can you re upload the document you made the changes to

Posted by pjmm at Feb 17, 2014 17:09

Hi Pierce,

I should have been more specific in my question, sorry for the confusion.

How can we insert the HEX variable into the HTTP GET based on the position of a slider?

Given the range of a slider, we would need to scale 0%-100% to the HEX range 0-255 then somehow insert this into the URL to send to the hub?


Posted by mcornhill at Feb 18, 2014 03:04


Not sure what I'm doing wrong but the file will not upload sorry Pierce.

I made a small change to the custom sensor as follows:

Name Value
Off 00

The only limitation with the On value of FF is when using my Insteon 4 button mini remote as it is programmed to switch on the lights to 50% so the On value of FF is never reached, therefore the OR interface icon does not update.

I've tried using <0 (greater than zero) for the custom sensor On value, however this does not work.

Can anyone provide any tips on how I can enter a value for On in my custom sensor to match any HEX number greater than zero?


Posted by mcornhill at Feb 18, 2014 11:16

Looks like you tried to include it as an image

!InsteonHub.pdf align=left!

instead of an attachment
Use the Insert link icon at the very left to attach a document.

Posted by pz1 at Feb 18, 2014 13:02


If you are setting your dimmer to 50% then it should return 7F for 50% and 40 for 40%

there are several pages on the web giving the values

hexadecimal values from 0 to 255 this is one


Posted by pjmm at Feb 18, 2014 21:19

Here is the file Pierce as requested. Sorry for the delay.

Posted by mcornhill at Feb 19, 2014 10:02

Hey guys, have been following along to get an on/off wall switch working through OR as a test before going all out redoing all my switches. I'm most of the way there thanks to the pdf but still have a couple of small hurdles I thought you guys might have advice on. I'm setup pretty much exactly the same as the pdf suggests.

On / Off commands seem to require multiple presses in OR to get a response, the first 'on' command seems to go through first press, subsequent commands seem to need a bit of mashing - when running the addresses through a browser I get an instant response each time.

Custom sensor - when using it to implement a switch it only seems to work as 'on' and possibly not correctly detecting the insteon devices state, may also be something to do with the issues I'm having with the on / off commands themselves. I have used FF and 00 as the values.

Have you guys experienced these types of issues or should I be reviewing my setup?

Posted by nevillebartos at Mar 26, 2014 08:35

Hi Neville,

I burnt so much time trying to get the equivalent functionality
to Zwave with the Insteon micro dimmer that I gave up in the end.

Insteon offer more wireless button options here in Australia
than Zwave which was my primary driver for Insteon.

I hope you have better luck than I.

Posted by mcornhill at Mar 26, 2014 09:44

Hows are you finding the zwave gear?

Posted by nevillebartos at Mar 26, 2014 10:36

I'm using a Vera lite with Zwave devices and its a solid solution. The only slight issue is some dimmers flicker when set to a low level.

Posted by mcornhill at Mar 26, 2014 20:44
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