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Since this is my first post I guess i should start with a small introduction. I live in Texas USA and by profession am a technical jack of all trades. I started working in QA and then moved to Performance testing, Systems Engineering and J2ee development. I found openremote last year and was intrigued by its possibilities but living in the US the only real device options I had were X10 and Insteon. As we all know Insteon support is not currently implemented in openremote so that left me with only X10. Well that is about to change. I know there is work going on to implement Insteon through ISY99 to openremote but I was not a big fan of having another integration point so I decided to research implementing Insteon via one of their serial PLMs. After a few weeks of harvesting data I was finally ready to start writing code. I currently have an API for basic protocol support and have a test program to talk to the modem. It all works but is currently NOT integrated into Controller. Over the next few weeks I (time permitting) will be cleaning up the code and getting Insteon integrated into the Controller. This is my first open source contribution so I may have plenty of dumb questions on how source is managed and reviewed so please bear with me. Sorry I dont have something solid to show now but if anyone has questions, comments or any other sort of remarks feel free to post them

This sounds excellent. Really looking forward to it. I might have a chance to test as well since I plan to be in Taiwan the next couple of months and Insteon does work over there.

Keep us posted and let us know if we can help,

– Juha

Posted by juha at Jan 30, 2010 18:28

Any progress on the PLM interface yet? I'm willing to provide some help if needed.

Posted by tim.hamer at May 16, 2010 00:41

No notable progress at the moment. Any help would be appreciated

Posted by juha at May 25, 2010 04:40

I apologize for not giving more status. Life has been interesting the past few months...getting laid off...getting new job...getting engadged and to top it all off i had a computer failure. I have the code backed up and its on my long list of things to do. I would be happy to take on any help. I can make time to discuss what I have done and all the tasks that still need completed (there are allot).

Ill try to get everything recovered this weekend and prepare to share what (little) I have done to anyone who wants to help

Posted by whartsell at May 25, 2010 19:26

Thanks for the update, Will. Hope things improve soon on the job market.

Posted by juha at May 26, 2010 12:38

Any update on this? I could probably help with development if needed.

Posted by ricoued at Oct 06, 2010 19:29

All help is certainly appreciated. Haven't gotten recent updates from Will, don't know how he is doing.

Will, ping us if you're there.

Posted by juha at Oct 07, 2010 00:09

Is this still an open issue? I have some experience implementing PLM support through a homegrown HA system I have been developing. I would definitely like to contribute some help on this if this is still desired.

Posted by gwhitake at Oct 10, 2011 16:52

The first iteration is done which is using ISY-99 bridge to Insteon. There's code in the SVN (I need to find the exact location) and I'll need to merge it to the release branches.

Obviously would still appreciate review, testing + there will be more Insteon related development that can be done, either through ISY or directly to PLM.

I'd be happy to have more Insteon work going in – let me know what type of integration you had in mind, and what type of help you'd need to get started?

Posted by juha at Oct 10, 2011 17:44
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