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Is there existing modules for OpenRemote to interface with a GE/Interlogix NX-6/NX-8 alarm system using the NX-584e RS232 module?

I'm trying to decide whether to continue using my existing alarm, or if I should replace it with a more home automation-friendly model. Obviously I'd prefer to keep my existing system and just add the NX-584 for cost reasons.

But it'd be much easier if I could interface directly with existing OpenRemote code than to have to try to write my own communications with the alarm panel.

The panel has been around for so long that I can't help but think such code must exist, but my Google searches have come up pretty sparse...


Hi, I have been looking for the same thing for a few weeks now. I have a GE NX-10 alarm system and i'm going to buy the NX-584e module as wel. I am using OR on a Raspberry with a Z-Wave module.

The only thing that I found concerning NX-584e is:

Vera Lite console:

Linux nxgipd - a monitoring daemon for UTC/GE Interlogix/Caddx NX-8 series alarm systems.

Nothing so far with openremote...

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 31, 2014 12:18

I have NX-6 system being used as local system.
I would like to know If I can add a Z-wave interface to it so I can link it up to Wink and control from my Android device.

Posted by satya80 at May 17, 2016 14:13
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