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We are currently working on a server that has a scheduler build in and we want to incorporate OpenRemote with that server.
In that server we have a schedulerprogram that controls several other program operations. We want to know if the scheduler in my server could be able to communicate with the OpenRemote software and be able to take actions through the OpenRemote software to control my devices.

If so can i Use XML?
If all this is not possible? What else can be done?

Thanks for you support

Depends which way the information flows, you didn't mention this in your description. Your scheduler outputs an XML format of scheduled actions? If yes, does it serve the XML over HTTP?

Posted by juha at Oct 22, 2013 19:59

Hi Juha, thanks for your reply.
Yes, the communication has to be Bidirectional. The format of the XML is HTTP. So the conversion is from HTTP to XML and XML to HTTP.

Posted by betsmartech at Oct 23, 2013 13:52

There's an introduction to XML data sources by Pieter Zanstra which you can read here: OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Use XML Data Sources

This will let you read XML documents from an external source and parse them with XPath expressions as values in OpenRemote controller sensors. You can then create rules based on the sensor values to execute commands inside the OR controller.

You can send out HTTP POST requests with XML payload using the OpenRemote HTTP Protocol. Commands can be sent in response to user actions in the control panel or as part of reactions in rules when specific sensor conditions are true.

That's the general overview. Details will then depend on your particular implementation.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Oct 23, 2013 17:52


I'm so grateful for you help.
I will study these sources.
If i have more questions i will post them.
But this is exactly what i needed to know.

Many Thanks,

Posted by betsmartech at Oct 23, 2013 18:10
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