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Hello Community,

I have a home controller that exposes its interface via http/xml (all signals on one URL) and accepts http POST requests for individual commands.
I have not tried yet OpenRemote with it but, as it seems, OR has essential set of features to handle this.
Two things which are not clear for me yet and I would appreciate if you explain or point me to the right place in the documentation.

1. For authentication my controller uses cookies. If the cookie is missing or expired the controller forwards to the login page.
I could not find any provision on the HTTP command page for the cookie. How does an OR panel works with cookies?

2. Every time when I flash new configuration, the XML is shuffled a bit and the UI needs to be updated to match with the new command definitions.
Doing manual entry of the commands every time does not look exciting to me, I would prefer to write some conversion scripts from the controllers XML to the OR controller.xml
However, I could not find an option for uploading controller.xml to the composer. Is it possible?

Best Regards,


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