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A little over a month ago, I joined my colleagues at Open Software Integrators remotely for a presentation on ongoing OpenRemote work that we have been involved in. One of the things that I have been thinking about most is using Inversion of Control through Dependency Injection to simplify the Android console as well as to make room for more flexibility. The slides and a blurb about the presentation are here: . An excellent article by SpringSource's Roy Clarkson on similar topics is here: .

The branch where the RoboGuice dependency injection work is taking place originally started out as a branch to clean up the client-side controller failover implementation. I realized that the code to make HTTP connections to the controller was scattered all over the place, as was the code to implement failover. I wanted one central location for the implementation of those features so that I could ensure a consistent implementation without more of my hairs' turning gray. My colleague Yusha Vadlamudi is continuing this work.

The branch in question is located in the OpenRemote Subversion repository at workspace/andrewball/Android_Console_2_0_0_Betas_ANDROID_85_failover/ .

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