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Is anyone using OpenRemote to control their irrigation system? I assume it can be done but if there are drivers out there for any particular hardware could you please list them. There are several X10 and Insteon based controllers available.

I am using my KNX system and a weather station.
One of the actuators is controlling the irrigation. Timing is done by the OR and stopping irrigation or length is arrordig to the weather (rain, temp etc.).

Posted by niraviry at Apr 20, 2013 07:30

Hello Josh,

I'm using this hardware to control my irrigation system:

You may control it form OpenRemote through the HTTP protocol. There's a detailed documentation from QuickSmart explaining the API.

So far I use the device in two different (and simultaneous) ways:

  • Irrigation programs through their web-based solution ( as there's a lot of work done about optimizing irrigation depending on temperature, raining, weather prediction, etc.
  • Irrigation 'on-demand' via OpenRemote. I'm able to trigger irrigation zones on and off directly from buttons on my panel

Of course, OpenRemote makes it possible to do also the irrigation programs, using the Rules engine, but for me this combination works really well for the moment.

Posted by cacharritos at May 22, 2013 08:03
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