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Hi all,

I have installed a fresh OpenRemote controller as below on windows.

Installed Java
Installed Tomcat
Deployed Applications

Launched the http://localhost:8688/controller and sign in with my details for my pro account. Then it says that its linked with my pro account? I go to the designer page and I have no MAC addresses present so there is no controller linked?

So my newly installed controller is linked without me linking it?

I am so lost now as nothing seems to make sense.

If I need log files, then please tell me what files I need to provide and I will.

Posted by max.williams at May 04, 2014 11:18

I guess you have IPv6 turned on on your Windows installation.
This is causing issues with the linking.

There is an update to the Pro Designer (and cloud services) scheduled for tomorrow 1PM.
I believe this will solve your problem.

Can you please wait a bit and try again tomorrow after 2:30PM CET?


Posted by ebariaux at May 04, 2014 14:45

I'm sorry but an issue was discovered in the Pro 1.0.13 release that was planned for install today and we had to rollback to 1.0.12.
So your issue above is not yet fixed.

We'll make sure that 1.0.13 is fixed and can be deployed as soon as possible and will keep you posted here.

Posted by ebariaux at May 05, 2014 13:44

I am curious about the issue, as I am still running a beta release you gave me. I do run into problems with Drools being unstable lately. From what I read in the Jira, I did not find a clue that it could be related to the release except for something funny inherent to Java 7 that I am using with this version on Synology DS212+. (My first and only attempt with Java 8 on Windows 7 failed)

Posted by pz1 at May 05, 2014 14:07

The issue was on the Designer side itself, failing to load the UIs from Beehive after login.
The controller is fine and will not change when final release is made.

Posted by ebariaux at May 05, 2014 14:11


Posted by pz1 at May 05, 2014 14:20

Pro 1.0.13 is now on-line, can you give another try to linking your controller ? Even with IPv6 on, this should work OK.

Posted by ebariaux at May 09, 2014 09:12

I could do a synchronisation with the designer, after which the Android console restarted OK. So I guess this works.
PS: I only have IP4

Posted by pz1 at May 09, 2014 09:50
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