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Hi Folks.

When loading the console (particularly webconsole.jar), cpu usage for java process hits 100% and panel fails to load (taking several attempts before sucess). I'm using hard float version of JDK 1.8 for RPi. Any known fixes?



Isn't JDK 1.8 experimental at the moment, seem to be better off with 1.6 at the moment.

Posted by lathwood at Aug 10, 2013 18:00

Thanks Neil.

Can't remember why I installed 1.8 as it the only java app I use on the pi is openremote. I recall it was in a blur of experimentation that I installed it. Maybe it was for the Colour Picker which I have been experimenting with?? Will check that out....

JDK 1.8 has been experimental for a few months now, so hopefully progress will be made as using the RPi FPU would be beneficial in the long term....will look into reverting to stable Java version if I can.



Posted by kalross at Aug 11, 2013 09:50

Java 1.8 early access does seem to show better performance on RPi, especially if you have the hard float instruction set support compiled into the kernel.

Let us know if you find anything that clears the CPU issue. Also which version of OR controller do you have installed?

Posted by juha at Aug 11, 2013 10:25

Hi Juha.

I'm using the latest Raspbian distro with hard float compiled in.

Controller version is OpenRemote-Controller-2.1.0_FM_ORCJAVA-380 (with the LIRC fixes you kindly provided

I will of course report any useful findings to the forum.



Posted by kalross at Aug 11, 2013 10:40

No progress made on CPU hogging, but Firefox loads the web console much more reliably (Google Chrome seems to be a problem).


Posted by kalross at Aug 25, 2013 01:21

Been having some problems with Chrome lately as well. Richard is adding some client side logging that should help at least if there are direct errors. Do you see any Javascript errors when you go to Chrome's 'View->Developer->Developer Tools'? If not, it could be something else. Sounds like a potential spin lock.

Posted by juha at Aug 25, 2013 10:41

Nothing stood out as I recall. It was purely by chance that found the Chrome issues as I was in the process of democratising my internet activities and ditched it for Firefox

Posted by kalross at Aug 28, 2013 05:09
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