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Hello, I've assembled all the necessary stuff to start an OR implementation.
the server is installed on the supported ebox, a denon AVR x3100w (having a ethernet and serial i'face) and I have a GC100 for the other IR devices in my HomeTheater. all devices have a reserved IP adress (by mac adress)
Started fiddling with the editor, doing some tests.

I scrolled through all denon related postings in the documentation and in the forums, but cannot make sense of it. I just want to know what is the right thing to do...

I would like to know, with the actual OR version, which protocol to choose to adress the Denon.
I don't mind typing over the commands and anyhow the available commands from beehive are for older models. The beehive list does in fact use the remote model numbers as reference, not the receivers.

so bearing in mind that I want two way communication would i go for serial or ethernet cabling?
Is two way communication already supported? If 'not yet', will it be serial or ethernet?

For serial, the cable is not described, Is it right that it has to be a straight cable male to female db9 (I suppose someone here has a denon and a ebox, controlled over rs232), so pin 2 to pin 2, pin 3 to pin 3 etc.

the other question is, in case it would be ethernet, which protocol and ports have to be used? I've seen tcp/ip, udp and telnet. This is confusing... I also think the official how to has been written a few years ago, fitting an old version of openremote.I've also seen several syntaxes for sending commands (without null and with null|)

Does someone know how the ebox can be set to share its drive over the network? activate Samba or some other? I'm not really a linux specialist.

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The existing DenonAVRSerial protocol is one-way. You cable should be the correct one. I don't think we have information about compatibility with this Denon model. Consider update the webpage once you have it working.

Since Denon use simple ASCII messages, ending with a carriage return, you can also use the plain Serial Protocol.

Posted by toesterdahl at Dec 03, 2014 15:45

Controlling denon avr with one way connection via http is very easy. You can do it via http and post in OR.

Here is my example command which turns avr on, CD for input and volume reasonable. I actually use it with android app called trigger and at the same time my phone also connects to Bluetooth adapter which is connected to CD input.

You can test commands also by using your browser..
Commands can be found on internet and I think I have them somewhere but couldn't find them now. I try to look them later..

Posted by nokk3r1 at Dec 04, 2014 11:11
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