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Just wondering if the KNX Command and dpt attribute specified in the designer is submitted as is, without any validation, to the controller?

I need to send DPT 6.001, and to me it seems that the KNX Command parameter should then be 'RANGE' as it is the only one using Signed8BitValue in the controller. Planning to do a change in the controller so that it can take values in the KNX Command param just as DIM and SCALE does, so 'RANGE 3'.

So the question is, would that be straight forward from the designer to configure:
Command: RANGE 3
DPT: 6.001

Will it be sent, or filtered by validation?

What i am basically trying to do is change heating operational mode between comfort, standby and night. This takes a 1 byte object.
If anyone has any input on how to do it with the designer and controller as they are today, please post some details.

Thanks for reading!


Answering myself here...

Implemented the controller to accept 'RANGE 3' was straight forward, and the designer seems to forward whatever is configured in the designer.

I still have a feeling that this is not the best way to do the mode switching, so i would like to hear how others have done this in their setup. Surely others must be using mode switching?

Kind regards

Posted by espen at Nov 19, 2013 23:30

There was some controller patch already that accepts commands like "DIM 20" or something like that.
Sounds like your change goes in the same direction.

Posted by mredeker at Nov 20, 2013 08:27

How did you implement the controls in the designer?
I also have a temperature control with different states. I think a slider is not the best interaction for controlling the states. I was looking for something like a radio button and ended up adding 4 virtual switches and a set of rules switching off the other switches and sending the selected byte object when hitting a certain switch.
Last issue is that I can actually switch all switches off...
So I was wondering, if there is maybe a better way to implement a "4 options" switch.

Posted by jimself at Apr 11, 2014 05:49
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