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Hi to all!
I'm a new openRemote user. Actually, I m not that good in programing, I happen to have this as part of my work (thesis). The dead line is far past and I will be greatfull for any help. Thanks in advance.

I m to create some APIs that helps a user to connection to KNX Device Network Using Calimero program codes. I am using alpha-release of Calimero 2.0 – Next Generation. The KNX Device network setup contains IP Interface - NI48/21, a BCU unit - Binary Output - UP 562/11, Push Button Interface - UP 220/03-13 and of course the power unit. I m to provide the following functions:

Send command
the system should provide a method to send commands to a KNX device. For example
//example 1 = ON, 0= OFF;
//commandsReal = 1,0;
//commandsReadeble = ON,OFF;
private String[] commandsReal;
private String[] commandsReadable;

Get status:
method to obtain the status of a device.
public String getStatus(int address) throws ConnectionException {}

Device Connected:
method to verify if a device is connected to the KNX network.
public boolean deviceConnected(int address) {}

List of devices by Name:
provide a method to get all the devices connected to the KNX network by their Names.
public String[] listDevicesName() {}

List of devices by Adress:
provide a method to get all the devices connected to the KNX network by their Addresses.
public int[] listDevicesAddress() {}

List of devices by Type:
provide a method to get all the devices connected to the KNX network by their.
public String[] listDevicesType() {}

Find new device:
provide a method to find new devices connected to the network.
public Device newDevice() {}

device description:
information of the device connected to the network
public Device getDeviceDescription (Discoverer d) throws KNXException

For Listing of devices by Adress, I know I can use the following method

ManagementClient mc = new ManagementClientImpl(netLinkIp);
IndividualAddress[] ias = mc.readAddress(true);
if (ias.length <= 1)

Unknown macro: {System.out.println(" Here is the read get device}

But the device has to be in programming mode. How do I set the prog Bit so that it switch to programming mode.

Any help to provide these set of method will be appreciated. Thanks

hi Chris

I am lucky I found your post. I also play with that library Calimero and I am absolutely junior in KNX. I have a question how did you simulate KNX device and than you are able to connect by using Calimero ?


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