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I have a Openremote controller working properly on my Laptop.

When I'm trying to configure to my desktop the Controller is working fin for IR (globalcache) but is not working for the KNX part of it

Does anybody have a suggestion to make it work

Laptop : WIN7 64Bit
Desktop : WIN7 32bit


Please look into /logs/knx/knx.log and check for errors.

Posted by juha at May 31, 2013 15:08

Another possibility is that your gateway only supports a single concurrent KNX connection and your laptop is already using it. So make sure your laptop is off when trying it on your desktop.

Posted by juha at May 31, 2013 15:09

Also note that KNX gateways can be picky with abruptly terminated connections, and they will not drop the connection until a 60 second period has passed. Which means if they only allow a single connection and that connection is abruptly terminated, you will need to wait one minute before the gateway accepts the next connection.

Posted by juha at May 31, 2013 15:12

Thank you for those hint...

My KNX gateway does accept multiple connection... So that was not a problem.

I tried to connect the desktop without starting my laptop and no success

At last I had a look into the KNX.LOG and It did tell me that my gateway doesn't like the IPV6. I disable the IPV6 and now it's working

Thanks for help

Posted by thescal at May 31, 2013 18:14

Ok, thanks for reporting. Should create a small KNX troubleshooting section in the wiki to collect these hints.

Posted by juha at Jun 01, 2013 11:15
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