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Is there any change in the way to manage "Range" KNX Command in the new Controller 2.1.1 version?

On one panel, I'm using a slider to control my air flow:

  • 1 KNX Command to set the speed between 0 & 3 through a KNX RANGE Command (DPT 5.010)
  • 1 KNX Command and its RANGE sensor (boundaries 0 & 3) for the status (KNX RANGE Command (DPT 5.010)
  • 1 slider based on previous sensor

The status is staying at 0 (checked through a label) and the slider is not updating itself except if the air flow speed is on its max=3. In this case, the slider (and status) reflect a "1" value.
In another words, if the speed is 0, 1 or2, the panel displayed a 0 and it shows a 1 on the max speed (3).

It's look like the RANGE value is always rounded to 0 except when the max level is reached. In this case a 1 value is received

My configuration was running fine on Controller 2.0 but it's no more working on Controller 2.1.1
I'm not facing this issue on ControllerPro 1.1.0

Any ideas?


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