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Dear all,
During my search for a solution for a problem I stumbled across the knx.log file.
I've been having a look at this file and I have noticed every KNX command generates a warning.
I was wondering if this warning is normal or indicates an underlying problem:

For instance when turning on the light in my storage room the following is added to the log

WARN 2013-10-22 15:57:59,780 (KNX): Unknown KNX property '<property name = "name" value = "Berging_AAN/UIT (ON)"/>'

The part where it says that it's an Unknown KNX property interests me.
Does anyone have more info on this?

Can be ignored, it's a false positive. I will try to remember to remove it. Feel free to remind me

Posted by juha at Oct 22, 2013 19:39

Ok thanks, I will try to remind you

Posted by garfield.arbuckle at Oct 22, 2013 23:37
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